Travel better:
How to holiday in the UK

As we emerge from lockdown to a new dawn, everything has changed and yet nothing’s changed. The UK is equally as jaw-droppingly beautiful as it was before – our famed green and pleasant land is written into folklore for a reason – but we’ve changed, haven’t we, on the inside? Taking all the positives and channeling them into an overwhelming urge to reconnect and rediscover our local landscapes.


Simple pleasures have never felt so pure. The sound of laughter over an outdoor summer lunch, the twinkle in the eye of an elderly relative when they see you, the mood-boosting warmth of a hug. All so good, and so deserved.

But what’s important to us now? How has the narrative shifted? How have we changed? The link between rekindling the essential flames that burn between us and our favourite people and connecting on home turf is a compelling combination that we want to celebrate.

We like to call it travelling better, here’s how to do it:


Whilst the ecological benefits and message for green travel are increasingly important to us (thanks to Greta Thunberg raising awareness of flygskam, or flight shame), the concept of green travel has additional meaning on a personal level. Oh, that freeing feeling of long bike-rides through the summertime meadows, already looking forward to crisp autumn evenings and beyond.

We all know that getting out in nature has been a lockdown highlight for humans, the animals and the planet and we want more!

As we become more conscious and aware of the impact of travel we want the visceral feeling of being close to nature, even when we’re staying in a city.

We’re searching online for unique wellness activities in the outdoors, such as forest bathing (Kate Middleton is a fan. I think we can all agree nature-based holidays are exactly the healing therapy we all need right now.

Plus, according to the Luxury Society, we will see heightened interest in wellness holidays as well as multi-generational trips here in the UK.

When you think about it, the UK, with its endless coastline (longer than the coastline of Spain or Italy), the romantic landscapes of Wales or the soft mystery of the Scottish highlands, huge swathes of forest and wildlife opportunities, packs a massive punch when it comes to nature.


Tailor-made is going to be big. We want to travel better, we want to make our get-togethers more meaningful than ever; we’re not taking anything for granted after the ride of 2020.

And what’s not to love? The idea of multiple generations coming together, enjoying a bespoke holiday that’s completely epic. And the details matter. We’re moving into a world increasingly curious about the provenance of food, we want stories to tell round future dinner tables, we want to feel unique and we want (and deserve) the best.

According to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, travellers want trust and a human connection, a bespoke booking experience with less technology, where they can add in experiences and bespoke adventures with a partner they can trust to expertly guide them through the process.

And it’s what we do at Reglar, it’s why there’s no online booking. Each of our properties comes completely bespoke with a private consultation, hand-picked places to stay and thoughtful added extras as a thank you for booking, such as a private chef cooking for you one evening and luxury hampers.


There’s a surge towards creating richly rewarding reunions; with that feel-good glow you get from binge watching Normal People for the third time.

Whilst the destination is an important part of the buying process, we know that the holiday is much more than the place you stay. This year it’s all about the who.

The feelings of being together again, of sharing your lockdown stories, of banning Zoom and hugging in real life again. Who is it with? What are you going to do together?

Whether it’s a stay in a luxury lodge, a private home or a hotel, we want the thoughtful extras such as a leading local chef creating a stellar private-dining experience, or a hamper of excellent, locally sourced produce so we can picnic in peace in places of beauty.

Find authentic and curated experiences

The importance of getting the right balance right of relaxation, activities and culture across multi-generations can be a bit of a headache. Who wants to over-plan? Right now, we want local experiences, to better understand the communities we visit. To leave less trace and pay respect to people.

When you think back to a time of fast culture, many of the older, more traditional crafts and methods got forgotten about. But not anymore. As our demand for the very best dining experiences rises, so does our interest in the provenance and origins of the food we eat and the crafts we buy.

Make it count

The next holidays we take we want to feel worth it. This experience-first, sustainable, local reunion in settings of complete beauty is your chance to travel better instead of further.

Our commitment to making it count is guaranteed. You can book your private consultation with one of our expert concierges, who will guide you through all the options available to you.

Reglar have created bespoke, luxury holidays for 50 years. Now we’re bringing our expertise to our new, completely hand-picked UK portfolio of five-star private houses, luxury lodges, countryside escapes and hotels.