Post-Coronavirus Holiday Planning: Don’t leave home without…

We may have been isolating at home during the Coronavirus travel restriction period, but our urge to head out and connect with the world is stronger than ever. As the country slowly opens up, holiday planning begins and staycation excitement grows, there are a few adjustments to consider before booking your holiday in England.

Whether you’re planning an adventure along some of the rugged landscapes of rural England, a coastal retreat away from the crowds or you want to explore villages and cities close to home, here’s what you need to know about travelling in England post-COVID-19.

1.   Stock up on hand sanitizer and light face coverings

To travel safely post Coronavirus, we’ll need to be more vigilant, especially in and around service stations, supermarkets and more. The only way to wash your hands constantly while on the go is with hand sanitizer, so it’s a must for your travel bag.

Be sure to keep an eye out for travel restriction updates from different modes of transport. For example, in London it may be compulsory to wear a face mask on all public transport. Along with hand sanitizer travel packs, face coverings and face masks are likely to become the norm around the UK. We highly recommend bringing lightweight, breathable face coverings over the thick medical masks, especially for longer journeys. Make sure you also pack thicker medical masks for more crowded areas like supermarkets.

2.   Keep your travel documents on your phone

Post-Coronavirus, many UK hotels are expecting to introduce digital queueing systems. This means you’ll need to keep all of your travel documents on your phone, ready to use when you arrive.

We recommend checking any new rules and regulations before you travel as well, to avoid surprises.

3.   Add Google or Apple Pay to your phone

Shops around the country are introducing measures to keep shopping experiences as contactless as possible. Contactless payments on your card are a great option, but many shops allow you to spend more than the £30 contactless limit when you pay on your phone.

4.   Thermometer

If you do fall ill, a temperature is a strong indicator you may have Coronavirus. Taking a thermometer with you will allow you some extra peace of mind in case of the worst.

It’s also useful to know your NHS number and the name and address of your GP surgery at home. This will smooth any processes should you need to use the health service.

5.   Pack for an all weather post-Coronavirus holiday in England

The English weather is a cliché for a reason. It can be as changeable as heavy rain and 8°C to a balmy 15°C with strong sunshine in just one day.

We highly recommend being prepared for any weather, with raincoats, umbrellas, sunscreen and lighter clothing available. As most people will travel by car, it’s easier to keep everything on hand if you go out for day trips.

Post-COVID-19 travel restrictions are set to be in place for the foreseeable future. It’s important to check with your travel agent and hotel before travelling to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth and unrestricted journey.