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The UK is blessed with some of the most diverse and beautiful countryside and coastlines to rival anywhere in the world. There is not ‘world enough and time’ but we aim to collect a fraction of them here in the hope you get to map read your way to them.

The Lake District’s best pub walks

Long walks in the beautiful countryside before settling down for a hearty meal and a tipple in a historic pub has long been a staple of British culture. Holidays in the Lake District give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy just that.  ...


North Yorkshire's quietest beaches

North Yorkshire is well known for its pretty coastal town of Whitby. You’ll find quaint houses built along the hillside and a harbour full of fishing boats and surrounded by traditional English eateries. But Whitby isn’t all this beautiful coastal region of the UK has to...


Cornwall’s best country gardens

Cornwall’s picturesque villages and sweeping beaches have inspired artists since the Roman occupation. And landscapers and gardeners are no different. Cornwall’s beautiful gardens offer everything from a step back in time to historic English landscapes to exotic gardens ...


The Great British Holiday Revival: The Best of Holidays in England

While the travel industry has been working tirelessly to build a new and safe way to travel, for many, staying close to home may feel like the more comfortable choice. For now, at least. This gives us an opportunity to dis...


The National Trust: a national treasure

The United Kingdom is rife with emerald green gardens, vibrant parks and majestic woodlands that shine bright against the backdrop of broody, unpredictable weather. But the upkeep of such beautiful areas wouldn’t be possible without the work of ...