The best antiques shops in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a holiday hotspot. It’s home to dramatic architecture, historic narrow cobbled streets and is surrounded by miles of Scottish countryside. It’s perfect for an idyllic holiday spent enjoying small local shops and browsing for antiques. 

To help you find that perfect piece we’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite antique shops in Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh Antiques Centre

Edinburgh Antiques Centre is home to a fascinating selection of items and is the perfect place to while away an hour or two browsing. 

You’ll find a delicate collection of fine silver and gold jewellery, unique artworks, vintage pieces and even taxidermy. A selection of specialist antique dealers from Edinburgh house their collections in the shop, giving you an eclectic selection to browse. Works of art are specially sourced and include antique prints and paintings, as well as more modern pieces. The furniture also ranges from antique to vintage, with some beautiful pieces on offer. 

The Old Town Bookshop

Edinburgh’s Old Town Bookshop is tucked away in Edinburgh old town, among the pretty boutiques, narrow winding streets and stunning architecture of the old city. Collectible books and other items are housed in the shop, which dates back to the 16th century and is a former granary which used to supply the castle. 

As well as beautiful antique books and firsts in print, you can find an excellent selection of Scottish literature, as well as original art works hidden away in this pretty shop. There are also antique maps to be found tucked within the shelves of books. Literature lovers can enjoy the monthly poetry night, Underground City, which is held every month and features the best local poets. 

Edinburgh old town view, Scotland

Folly Antiques

Folly Antiques prides itself on its eclectic and eccentric mixture of items, which vary from delicate chinaware, silver and jewellery to rich wooden furniture and colourful rugs. It’s located close to Leith, where you’ll find a wider selection of antiques shops, so it’s the perfect place to start a day of searching for that perfect piece. Folly Antiques also prides itself on reasonable prices, making it the perfect place to begin a collection or find yourself a bargain. 

Armchair Books

Armchair Books is a warren of interesting titles. It’s ideal for collectors, book lovers and everyone in between. Stock varies from cheap second hand books to beautiful firsts in print, with the expert booksellers on hand to help you find beautiful volumes and valuable books. 

This quiet oasis is just minutes from lively Grassmarket and is the perfect place to while away a few hours browsing for antique books. 

Antique Auctions in Edinburgh

If you’re planning to visit Edinburgh, it’s worth checking if any antique auctions will coincide with your holiday. Some of the best antiques auctions in Edinburgh include Ramsay Cornish, Franklin Browns, Lyon and Turnbill and Thomson Roddick. 

Antique auctions take place throughout the year at various points throughout the city. They can be a fantastic way to meet other collectors, try your hand at bidding and pick up some incredible pieces, including furniture, pottery, books, artwork and other items.