The Great British Holiday Revival: The Best of Holidays in England

While the travel industry has been working tirelessly to build a new and safe way to travel, for many, staying close to home may feel like the more comfortable choice. For now, at least.

This gives us an opportunity to discover the wonderful destinations and attractions in our own green and pleasant land. 

A holiday in your own country ticks many boxes for any post-COVID-19 worries travellers may have. You’re familiar with the location, you can potentially avoid flying, and you already know the health services and health structures.

For travellers who are yearning to explore but prefer to do so within the leafy greens of England, here are some of the things we love about England breaks.

Urban adventures on UK holidays outside of London

London is well known as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, but England’s cities have so much more to offer. From the delicious Balti food in Birmingham to the Indie scene of Manchester and the historic streets of Oxford, there are many cities to explore outside of the capital.

Spend early mornings admiring the glow of York’s winding streets or discovering royal stories in Windsor. History lovers can explore castles and cathedrals in medieval Norwich. Here, you’ll also find one of England’s best spot for fish and chips. Travellers wanting to delve into modern art and music should visit Bristol, which is home to many of Banksy’s creations, as well as the artist himself.


Discover a multi-layered history

From the Gaels to the Celts, the Picts and Vikings, the Romans and the Normans – there’s a wealth of fascinating history here in England, waiting to be discovered. 

Visit the world-famous ruins of Stonehenge in the south, or head north to Hadrian’s Wall and venture across the border to Gretna Green in Scotland. Here you’ll find a fascinating history of young English lovers who married in Scotland, where marriage was legal under the age of 21. 

Embrace true British tradition in the country pubs

British pubs are a staple of any holiday in England. The best ones are more than just places to eat and enjoy a drink. Many of the pubs in England have existed in for hundreds of years. There are stories, traditions, customs, and even wars, that shape some of the old pubs.

When you leave the city and head into the countryside, you’re bound to stumble across countless small pubs. These locally run hotspots serve some of the best ales and pies and offer flickering fireplaces and a chance to learn more about the local area from the regulars. 

Stumble on some of the world’s greatest gardens

It’s no secret that England is home to some of the finest gardens in the world, for example Kew Gardens. From fragrant English rose gardens to dramatic landscapes, the horticulture here goes back as early as the 17th century, when exotic plants were brought back by explorers. 

In London, head to the world-famous botanic Kew Gardens; in Worcestershire there’s the Stone House Cottage, with a walled garden and beautiful sheltered beds. In North Yorkshire, find the best surviving example of a Georgian water garden at Fountains Abby. Wherever you are, you’re sure to find beautiful English country gardens and lovingly preserved National Trust grounds and houses to explore. 


Rediscovering England post-COVID-19

As we wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted, holidaying in England and staying closer to home may be an option for many. Whether you want to travel over-sea to the Isle of Wight, take a train trip cross-country or simply drive down the motorway to the nearest country village, you can do it all on your holiday in England.