What makes us fall in love with Travel?

Since the time of the British Empire, the British have been well known for their desire to travel the world. But what is it that makes us love travel so much?

Travelling puts the brain into a mode of “positive stress” which immediately raises adrenaline levels and heightens feelings and emotions. It gives us the need to discover and explore at a higher rate than normal. Its why holiday memories are more vivid than other memories.  

But what is it that makes us fall in love with throwing ourselves into the unknown, stepping out of our comfort zones and leaving the familiar behind? Here are a few things that make us look forward to every electric moment and fall head over heels with the art of travel.

A cultural culinary experience 

While it’s often said that travelling is food for the soul, travelling for food is also food for the soul. 

Dining out is a delight that most enjoy, but on holiday, the world is quite literally your oyster. Indulging in the local cuisine and local produce has a profound effect on the travel experience, supplying the opportunity to sample new foods prepared with authentic techniques that you couldn’t get anywhere else. 

Food has the ability to bring people together, and expose you to a new culture that goes beyond sightseeing and visiting the most popular monuments, even in your own country. For years to come you’ll reminisce with your travel companions about the places you visited, the things you saw and the food you ate. 

Escaping the realities of daily life 

For those who find themselves with a phone attached to their hand or their eyes glued to a screen, travelling can be a well needed break from digital devices. 

The stresses of daily life, whether it be commuting for work, running a busy household or organising a chaotic social calendar, can often become overwhelming and it’s only when you take a step back that the necessity is realised. Not only can it be difficult to stay connected in more rural places, but being on holiday helps us realise that some things really can wait. Out of office: on.  

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone  

A survey indicated that over half of the British population don’t venture out of their comfort zones and around 45% fear that one day they might live to regret it. There’s no better way to discover how much you enjoy different experiences than visiting a brand new destination.

It hurts when it’s over 

Much like falling in love, heartbreak immediately follows when something you appreciate comes to an end. It’s only natural to want a stay a little longer and feel deflated when you see those oh too familiar signs. There’s only one remedy when it comes to the holiday blues – put another one in the calendar. In fact, many surveys show us the anticipation of a holiday can be even more enjoyable than the holiday itself. 

The love for travelling continues well beyond unpacking your suitcase, it feeds into the stories we tell, the memories we cherish and the smiles we can’t help.